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Squatter Eviction

Since squatting in residential property became a criminal offence in 2012 GRC Bailiffs have noted a large increase in squatting in commercial premises.

Many of these squats in commercial premises have become long term residential squats. We have attended and carried out evictions where up to 40 illegal squatters have taken over commercial buildings, installing washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers and other equipment to use them as a permanent residence.

We have uncovered drug factories on a large scale at various squats and evidence of wholesale drug use as well as other criminal activity. We liaise directly with the Police where necessary to ensure property is safely and quickly returned to its intended use.

An increasing number of commercial premises are used for illegal raves where hundreds of drug fuelled revellers can cause extensive damage in a few hours.

Whilst in situ squatters can cause considerable amount of damage to the infrastructure of commercial premises, often illegally tapping into the electricity supply, leave a vast amount of waste and debris causing a health hazard and huge clean up expenses

GRC have an immense amount of experience in dealing with squatters in commercial premises and can advise on various methods to deal with this particular problem.

Often the problems can be resolved by GRC expediently and effectively using some of the common law powers without the need to go through a lengthy court process.

Over 25 years experience

Response within hours

Most evictions completed within 24hrs

Security – all eviction services carried

out by GRC Bailiffs staff

Assurance – GRC Bailiffs are members

of the Safe Contractor Scheme

Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

Full Personal Liability Insurance

Clear pricing structure – often far

cheaper than court proceedings

Key Features

Listed below are some of the many reasons to choose GRC Bailiffs for all your Squatter Eviction needs:

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