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Commercial Repossessions

Assuming your lease contains a right to enter, you may forfeit the lease if the tenant is in breach unless you have waived the right to forfeit.

Forfeiture can be carried out following non-payment of rent or other breaches as described in the lease.

Certain situations require additional steps including the service of notices or court proceedings before the lease can be forfeited.

Forfeiture of a lease (or Peaceable Possession) can be carried out by the landlord instructing a Certificated Bailiff.


This is an effective method if the bailiff cannot levy distress because either they can't gain entry or there are insufficient goods to seize.

GRC Bailiffs will advise on the most appropriate and effective course of action to achieve the most mutually beneficial outcome.

Over 25 years experience

Response within hours

Expert, impartial advice

Security – all eviction services carried

out by GRC Bailiffs staff

Assurance – GRC Bailiffs are members

of the Safe Contractor Scheme

Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

Full Personal Liability Insurance

Clear pricing structure – often far

cheaper than court proceedings

Key Features

Listed below are some of the many reasons to choose GRC Bailiffs for all your Commercial Repossession needs:

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