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Animal & Equine Removal

Retained by Local and National Government Offices, public and private companies, and individuals to remove illegally grazing animals grazing on land.

We can advise on the best method of removal, keep and disposal of animals taking into account legal and welfare issues.

GRC Bailiffs are one of the leaders in the field of Bailiff Equine Removal and associated problems.

GRC Bailiffs have a decade of personal experience dealing with horses and other animals and we believe we are at the forefront of this type of work.

Our client base is extensive and includes many local authorities, some government departments, wildlife trusts, utility companies, National Plc's, landowners and farmers.

Fly grazing varies from an individual horse tethered on land to large herds which run/roam free.

The animals are often placed on the land without permission from the landowner or break in from neighbouring land.

This has possible implications for the landowner being held responsible should there be welfare issues or other incidents involving the animals.

The laws and procedures for dealing with this problem are not always straightforward and from the outset do not always look as if they are in the landowners favour.

There are a range of measures available including the use of bailiffs to remove animals. This can be very specialist task. Through our wealth of experience we can advise an appropriate course of action.

GRC Bailiffs have been actively involved in advising both local authorities and police forces on ways of combating this problem and have helped in setting up protocols to deal with fly grazing.

UPDATE May 2015

As of May 26th 2015 the Control of Horses Act 2015 will come into effect. This new law will increase the powers landowners have to deal with fly grazing horses on their land. GRC Bailiffs have been working with councils all over the country and now finally have legislation that leaves nothing open to interpretation and clearly defines the powers that landowners have to deal with fly grazing horses. Using the Control of Horses Act GRC Bailiffs can act more efficiently and cost effectively for our clients and using the Animals act 1971 only when circumstances dictate.

Over 10 years personal experience

Retained by Government Authorities

Leaders in the field

Security – all removal services carried

out by GRC Bailiffs staff

Assurance – GRC Bailiffs are members

of the Safe Contractor Scheme

Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

Full Personal Liability Insurance

Clear pricing structure – often far

cheaper than court proceedings

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Listed below are some of the many reasons to choose GRC Bailiffs for all your Animal Removal  solutions:

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