GRC Bailiffs – Service providers to the private and public sector, local & National Government bodies since 1989

The advantages of using GRC Bailiffs include


GRC Bailiffs have been carrying out common law evictions since 1989.


GRC Bailiffs normally act within hours of being instructed and often complete the eviction the same day. Most evictions completed within 24 hours or less.


GRC Bailiffs use only our own staff to carry out and oversee the whole eviction process – We use our own recovery and towing vehicles.


Full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

⧁ Cost

Clear pricing structure, typically cheaper than or comparable with court proceedings.

⧁ Assurance

GRC Bailiffs cover the whole of England and Wales using our own staff NOT local agents.

Totally lawful method as acknowledged by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the official “Guidance on Managing Unauthorised Encampments”

The same common law powers apply equally to commercial premises where entry can be gained without contravening Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977

About GRC Bailiffs

Evictions & Repossessions

Our bailiff department provides an unrivalled service in the repossession of land (and in certain circumstances buildings) that have been unlawfully occupied by travellers and other unauthorised squatters. In most circumstances we can repossess a site within 24 hours of receiving instructions.

Bailiffs & Rent Distress

Our bailiffs are bonded and certificated at Bristol County Court. We offer an extremely effective remedy for the collection of commercial rent arrears.

Process Serving

We provide a fast, reliable, effective and discreet service at competitive rates. We can collect documents from your offices or from court. We often issue documents at court. Once you have instructed us you can be assured that everything necessary will be done to ensure documents are served appropriately within any time limits.


Using trained ex-police staff we have carried out investigations into many criminal matters. In one recent case evidence uncovered by our investigators assisted a defendant to be acquitted of murder.

Animal removal & Equine Removal

Retained by Local and National Government Offices, public and private companies, and individuals to remove illegally grazing animals grazing on land.

We can advise on the best method of removal, keep and disposal of animals taking into account legal and welfare issues.

GRC are happy to advise on your requirements.

Status & Assets Reports

Need to know if someone is worth pursuing for a debt. We can carry out a range of enquiries from a basic report to tracing hidden assets and monies.


Covert surveillance for matrimonial matters, bogus insurance claims etc.

Enquiry Agents

Retained by many clients to carry out discreet enquiries and to trace missing persons and debtors.
We are able to offer a fast no trace no fee service.

Statements & Affidavits

With many years of police experience we can interview witnesses and prepare proofs of evidence for use in civil, road traffic and criminal matters.

Site Clearing

Providing a clear up operation after the removal of unauthorised occupiers.