GRC Bailiffs – Service providers to the private and public sector, local & National Government bodies since 1989

A little about GRC Bailiffs

GRC Bailiffs were formed in 1989 as a sole trading company, incorporating all the services now offered in 2004 to create GRC Bailiffs as it stands today.

GRC Bailiffs are a Bristol based company offering a national service  throughout England and Wales, with a trusted network of partners and suppliers.

The company directors have worked together on numerous projects over the last 25 years, having previously shared a background in the armed forces and Police service. Members of the GRC board are also some of the longest standing certified bailiffs in the UK.

GRC Bailiffs have a wealth of experience in commercial rent collection and commercial repossession, as well as the eviction of illegal occupiers. Whether travellers in a field, or illegally occupying concrete ground, or squatters in commercial or privately owned property, we have the experience and expertise to safely and swiftly ensure the required outcome is achieved.

Unlike many of our competitors GRC Bailiffs carry out all eviction and equine projects without the need for sub-contractors or agents. You can rest assured that we are the company to trust, and get results.

Some services offered by GRC Bailiffs make use of third party industry experts and specialists. Services such as dog handlers, haulage lorries, concrete barriers and
long-term security solutions, where very specific skills and certification are required,

long-standing partners are trusted to act as an extension of GRC Bailiffs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most effective service, gaining real results.

Our extensive client base includes local authorities, government departments, pensions and insurance companies, land agents, wildlife trusts, national property firms, charitable organisations as well as private property and landowners.

GRC Bailiffs are members of the Safe Contractor Scheme. Clients can be assured that we are fully compliant with all laws and regulations, and our work is subject to the highest levels of scrutiny.

We have satisfied customers spanning more than two decades. Please ask us for references and endorsements.

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Bailiff & Eviction Services

Safely and efficiently reclaiming your property.

Animal & Equine Removal

Decades of experience in effective and humane removal.

Commercial Repossession

Unpaid rent or illegal occupancy problems solved.


Using trusted partners to provide fencing solutions.

Squatter Eviction

A full removal and cleaning service.

Site Clearance

Our dedicated team will clear the mess left behind by illegal occupiers.

Traveller Eviction

Effective removal service – often within 24hrs.


Once they have gone, or before they can get in. Security solutions to suit your property.